Nitin Sawhney and Violin Chandru

About Violin Chandru and Nitin Sawhney’s collaboration

Violin Chandru’s and Nitin Sawhney’s collaborations started in mid 90’s with Chandru’s lovely violin renditions in Nitin’s “Displacing the Priest” album. Chandru is featured on the title track “Displacing the Priest” and on “Pieces of 10 – Chandru mix, which Chandru later went on to play at many of Nitin’s concerts.

Later in 1999, Chandru played the violin for Nitin’s Mercury nominated “Beyond Skin” album.

Their next big collaboration came in 2001 for the album “Prophesy” where Chandru arranged and recorded the Bollywood String arrangement for Nitin’s Acquired Dreams which featured the beautiful voice of Natacha Atlas. The track was so popular, it was licensed many times over across the world.

In Nitin’s 2003 “Human”, Chandru once again played the violin on several tracks.

As if in sequence, their next major collaboration was on Philtre (2005), Nitin’s seventh studio album in eleven years, which was inspired by elements of all his recent projects, in particular his return to DJ’ing. He had collated ideas for the album over several months the previous year.

The result was an astonishing collection of songs that would take the listener on a journey through global club culture, Indian classical music, Bengali folk, traditional flamenco, blues, old soul and R&B. On Philtre, drum’n’bass beats rub shoulders with sitars and flutes float over classical piano. Hip-hop, scratching, trip-hop, castanets and flamenco guitars sit alongside hypnotic strings and funky basslines.

The strings on Deadman Walking, Mausam & The Search were arranged and recorded by Chandru with the Bollywood Strings Orchestra in our very own studio in sunny Bangalore in December 2004. The Bollywood Strings orchestra features around 65 players from Bangalore, Chennai & Kerala. In addition, Chandru recorded some beautiful flute, swara mandal (Indian harp) and sitar solos for this album.

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