Bollywood Violin (Indian Violin)

A sure way to a listener’s heart – the glisses and ornamentation of a good Bollywood violinist is all you need! Book Violin Chandru and his Bollywood Violin today for your project and give your song his magical touch!

The violin is the “king of instruments” and it takes years of dedication to master the violin. Chandru’s seasoned hands creates magic everytime he plays. All across the globe, Chandru’s unique playing style which is warm yet majestic is instantly recognised and highly regarded. A noted singer in India described Chandru’s playing as “out of this world”. Regardless of where in the world Chandru performs, his violin playing always stands out.  His breadth of experience means his playing is always spot on with regards to vigor, velocity and creativity.

Here is a taster for you!

Five things you should know about Violin Chandru and his violin :

1. Chandru is one of the first Indian violinists in the UK to lend his beautiful violin solo to pop, rock and soul tracks of the Western world. He has played for The Cure, Kiki Dee, Bjork, Lamya, Sylvia Powell, Dana Gillespie and Sean Dickson and the High Fidelity, amongst many others. He has also collaborated with successful British Asian artists such as Nitin Sawhney and Talvin Singh.
2. Danger in Tiger ParadiseChandru has played some outstanding violin solos for film and drama. One such contribution is for the award winning soundtrack for the BBC Documentary “Danger in Tiger Paradise“. It won Best Musical Score at the American Wildlife Film Awards at Jackson Hole Wyoming in 2003 and was also nominated for the Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Music for Television 2002.
3. Chandru has performed the violin live for many theatre and dance productions. Amongst them are Shared Experience’s A Passage to IndiaTamasha’s Wuthering Heights and Chitraleka Dance Company’s numerous performances.
4. He is versatile and sort after in almost every genre. He has performed with Western and Asian pop, rock and soul, DJ (underground), Arabic, Moroccan, Flamenco, Afganistani, Flemish and numerous Indian genres. In particular, he is noted and sought after as an accompanist in the field of “Indian light music”, which includes ghazals, bhajans and bhavageetha.
5. Chandru plays two types of violin. His acoustic violin is a gorgeous German violin with a beautifully carved scroll in the shape of a lion’s head. He also does wonders on the electric violin. His is a Tucker Barrett’s (TF Barret) “Anchor” shaped 5-string electric violin-viola, gifted to him by a very dear friend and music lover. As Tucket Barrett has stopped making violins, violin’s such as Chandru’s “anchor” violin is now becoming a rare collectible.

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