Bollywood String Arrangements

Get the most authentic, luscious Bollywood String arrangements for your project today!

Our Approach

We specialise in recording Bollywood string arrangements. The service we render is of a very high standard and we undertake assignments all-inclusively, simply meaning that we will come to an agreed fee at the outset for the entire project. We follow 7 simple steps:


We don’t even have to meet in person. Many established composers and producers have trusted us with their projects, just with a phone discussion and never once meeting us in person. Our track record speaks for itself.

We handle each project with great care and evaluate your requirements at the very beginning in order to give you an idea of what needs to be done.

Our discussions can be completed by email, by telephone, Viber, Skype etc or in person. We would like to know the following:

  1. How many tracks
  2. Total duration of the required string arrangement
  3. How many strings you would like us to use
  4. Whether you will provide us the arrangement score or would like us to write the arrangement for you
  5. What format you will send us the track/stems etc.
  6. How you will sens us your tracks / stems (e.g. Courier, YouSendIt (or similar), FTP etc)
  7. What format you would like the final output in (e.g. WAV files, Protools Session file etc)
  8. How you would like us to send you the final output (e.g. Courier, YouSendIt (or similar), FTP)
  9. When you require the arrangements by.

We do all our recordings in the finest studios in India and utilise a large number of string players for a project (depending on your requirements). We will send you the final product in any recording format you prefer and provide assistance in editing if required.

Once we have completed the recording, we will send you a rough mp3 mix via email and then send you the final master in your desired format/method.

Listen to our String Arrangements

Live the experience…

You could come to India to live the experience of a Bollywood Strings recording just as our dear friend Sean Dickson from The High Fidelity did.

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Our Commitment to you

We pride ourselves never to run over the budget and even if we do, you would not be charged any extra. We always complete all projects by the date promised and never run overtime. The quality of the recording will be outstanding and we guarantee you full satisfaction.

Recording standards

Your project will benefit from resourcefully equipped studios and high calibre recording engineers. Our very own Sa Recording Studio in the heart of Bangalore is a fantastically equipped and tastefully designed studio by engineers from the UK and Germany. Read more about Sa Recording Studio.

Sample based string arrangements (Bollywood Strings sample)

We have a unique collection of Bollywood String samples which you could license for your project. Such loops and arrangements are unique to our collection and are not yet available in ProducerLoops, LoopMaster or similar retailers. Please contact us with your requirements

The history of Indian string arrangements in the Western world

Indian string arrangements are popular in today’s pop and rock world and when done well, has given that much sought after uniqueness that differentiates an album from others in its market.

Starting with the days of Ravi Shankar and The Beetles, this touch has made songs more memorable and a trend that Ravi Shankar started some 60 years ago is still and perhaps more that ever now something that artists want but can’t seem to find the right partner to work with.

Artists like Madonna, Bjork, Britney Spears, Kiki Dee, Talvin Singh as well as Michael Jackson have already grasped the need for this uniqueness and have satisfied themselves with some fiery string arrangements. Film composers such as Heitor Pereira, Craig Pruess and Guy Farley have all opted for good Bollywood String arrangement in their film scores.

Our contribution to this growing need

Bollywood Strings has been increasingly recording string arrangements for pop and jazz artists in the US, UK and Europe. The superb touch that Indian strings gives to the pop or jazz track is something to look forward to. Chandru, our director, has years of experience in this industry and his expertise can benefit any album, even in the smallest way.

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