Bollywood Live Performances

Enhance your event with a Bollywood Strings performance…a duet, an ensemble, an orchestra and much more!

Expert hands…

For the last 15 years, Bollywood Strings has been relied upon to put on fantastic shows at a wide range of events and we have excelled every time. Whether at a local or international music festival, an especially commissioned concert, a corporate event, a wedding or any other social event, we have the expertise to tailor the performance to meet your needs.

Working to your needs

Each event is different and special. It is truly important to get the musical performance right to give the audience/attendees a great time and to make the event memorable. Our experience enables us to work to your theme and budget and to render a performance of high quality. Amongst our noted clients are the BBC Concert Orchestra, The Philharmonia, Goodwood House and Somerset House.

Managing it for you

We take great care to ensure our artists are thoroughly prepared, and will always have a dedicated liaison person to help co-ordinate our requirements and on-the-ground logistics. That way, the whole show will be smooth sailing.

Our commitment to you

We always leave our audience overjoyed and can guarantee the quality of the artist and the performance. Our objective is to put on a quality show while ensuring that the organisers, artists and audience have fun throughout. We are confident that we can add value to your event. The question is… can your event afford not to have us?

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What’s on offer…

Intimate Bollywood

Our group is versatile and performs Indian classical, Bollywood or crossover east-west music intimately with a small number of musicians (violin, tabla, guitar, keyboards & vocal) or…

Bollywood Orchestra

with the full shebang of live Bollywood violists and other string players, at specially commissioned programmes and music festivals in the UK and across the globe.

Bollywood Violin

The violin is a beautiful instrument. To emphasise this beautiful sound, we have a set which consists only of two instruments, either violin and guitar or violin and keyboard. This is not only more affordable, often this duet is most appropriate to create a warm ambient environment.

Bollywood String Quartet

Our string quartet is unique as there is only one Violin Chandru. The Bollywood melodies require the “Indian” touch to genuinely convey the mood of the song. Violin Chandru’s quartet arrangements and renditions of Bollywood melodies on the violin are breathtaking.


Bollywood Strings also performs flamenco music through our association with Gypsy maestro Pepe Habichuela.

DJ Bollywood

One other fantastic collaboration we do is the violin, tabla/drums and DJ combo which we have performed at many clubs in the UK.

Bollywood Dance

For all of these sets and more, we have also added live dancers either in Bollywood, ballet, bharatanatyam or kathak.

And much more…

Of course this is not all that we do and often work to cater to the requirements of the promoter and can put up events from a few as 2 musicians to 40 musicians.

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