About Bollywood Strings

Learn more about Bollywood Strings UK, our vision and mission.

Bollywood Strings LogoBollywood Strings was created in 1999; inspired by Europe’s growing interest in crossover music and our desire to grow the number of musicians accomplished in all “Bollywood” styles of music, especially the STRINGS. Currently in its 15th year, Bollywood Strings has played a major part in taking Bollywood arrangements/ Indian Strings a step further, merging it with western pop and jazz, Flemish and Flamenco music along the way. Bollywood Strings has enticed western musicians and music lovers to a whole new phase of cross culture music.


The group is led by violinist, composer and string arranger, Violin Chandru, who has worked with the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Talvin Singh, Ravi Shanker, George Harrison, Bjork, Tina Turner, Britney Spears, The Cure and many others and has made a name globally as a leading Bollywood string arranger.

String Arrangements

Bollywood Strings specialises in high quality, luscious Bollywood String arrangements. Under the able direction of renowned violinist, composer & string arranger, Violin Chandru, this company has successfully created a niche for itself in the present music market. Our string arrangement clients include Nitin Sawhney, Tamasha Theatre Company, Dana Gillepie, Guy Sigsworth, Bjork and many more.

Highest Quality

All our recordings are done at the very best studios in India using the finest musicians, often in up to 3 different states in India. We use up to a 100 string players, a variety of percussion and backing instruments.

Live Performances

Our group is versatile and performs crossover east-west music intimately with up to 6 musicians(violin, tabla, guitar, keyboards & vocal) or with the full shebang of live Bollywood violists and other string players, notably at large concert venues and summer festivals across the UK and Europe.


Bollywood Strings is associated with flamenco music through the album ‘Yerbaguena’ with Gypsy maestro Pepe Habichuela and has performed together live all over Europe. We were commissioned by the BBC Concert Orchestra and the London Philharmonia Orchestra to write music for their special summer concerts. One other fantastic collaboration that we specialise in is  combo of violin, tabla and DJ which we have performed at many clubs in the UK.

The Bollywood Strings Approach

We scored Indian string arrangements in western notation and this we made “communication” with our musicians so much easier. This was the beginning of the “Bollywood Strings approach”. We were able to channel our efforts on the playing techniques and not on the score and the players were very comfortable and ready to try new styles. We gained the respect and interest of many leading music organisations, resulting in workshops and performances with the BBC Concert Orchestra, The Philharmonia Orchestra, The Trinity College of Music, London and the Wigmore Hall.